Water-Borne Polyurethane Resin (PUD)

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Waterborne polyurethane resin (PUD) is a uniform emulsion formed by dispersing polyurethane in water, which has the advantages of low VOC, low odor, non-combustible, excellent mechanical properties, convenient operation and processing.  PUD can widely used in adhesives, synthetic leather, coatings, inks and other industries.

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Low activation temperature, excellent initial tacky property, excellent heat resistance, toxic-free, environmental friendly.


Suitable for heat activated adhesive, such as furniture, automotive, shoe and construction industries.

Properties Standard Unit U1115H U1115 U1115L
Appearance Visual - Milky white liquid Milky white liquid Milky white liquid
Solid content 1g, 120℃, 20min % 49-51 49-51 49-51
Viscosity Brookfield,LV,63#/30rpm mPa.s 500-2000 500-2000 500-2000
Density GB/T 4472-2011 g/cm3 1.02-1.09 1.02-1.09 1.02-1.09
pH Value GB/T 14518-1993 - 6.0-9.0 6.0-9.0 6.0-9.0
Activation temperature Enterprise Standard 60-65 55-60 50-55
MFFT Enterprise Standard 5 5 5
NOTE: The above values are shown as typical values and should not be used as specifications.

Handling and Storage

1. Avoid breathing thermal processing fumes and vapors
2. Mechanical handling equipment can cause formation of dust. Avoid breathing dust.
3. Use proper grounding techniques when handling this product to avoid electrostatic charges
4. Pellets on the floor may be slippery and cause falls

Storage recommendations: To maintain product quality, store product in a cool, dry area. Keep in a tightly sealed container.

HSE Information: Please take MSDS for reference.


We have full certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949, CNAS National Laboratory


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