E8 Series PBS

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PBS has very good processing performance, and can be used for various molding processes on general processing equipment, which is the best processing performance among the current general-purpose degradable plastics; PBS is a biodegradable plastic with excellent comprehensive properties due to its excellent heat resistance and flexibility, high heat deflection temperature and elongation at break.

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Biodegradable, compostable, toxic-free, good low temperature resistance, excellent physical property, good processing property, easy to modification.


Packing film, bags, box, drinking straw, tableware, argriculture film, spinning, non-woven fabric, articles of consumptions etc.

Properties Standard Unit E801 E810 E820 E850
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.24 1.24 1.24 1.24
Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore A/D 97/- 97/- 97/- 97/-
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 MPa 50 50 45 30
100% Modulus ASTM D412 MPa 20 20 20 18
300% Modulus ASTM D412 MPa 25 25 24 22
Elongation at Break ASTM D412 600 600 550 450
Tear Strength ASTM D624 kN/m 200 200 195 190
MFI ASTM D1238 g/10min <3 3-12 15-25 45-55
Tm DSC 114 114 114 114
HDT(0.45Mpa) ASTM D395 92 92 90 88
NOTE: The above values are shown as typical values and should not be used as specifications.




25KG/bag, 1250KG/pallet or 1500KG/pallet, processed wood pallet

E Series Polyester-Based TPU3

Handling and Storage

1. Avoid breathing thermal processing fumes and vapors
2. Mechanical handling equipment can cause formation of dust. Avoid breathing dust.
3. Use proper grounding techniques when handling this product to avoid electrostatic charges
4. Pellets on the floor may be slippery and cause falls

Storage recommendations: To maintain product quality, store product in a cool, dry area. Keep in a tightly sealed container.

HSE Information: Please take MSDS for reference.

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