PUR Adhesive For Woodworking

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Based on environmental protection, comfortable, intelligent home life scene, Miracll for home life to create green, healthy, economic and durable, light and non-inductive home materials, widely used in home decoration, furniture manufacturing, kitchen supplies, children’s toys, family fitness and other industries.

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Higher green strength, excellent final bonding strength, suitable for most materials.


Furniture production, such as flat lamination, profile wrapping and edge banding.

Properties Standard Unit R1020 R1030A R2080
Appearance Visual - Colorless/Yellowish Colorless/Yellowish Colorless/Yellowish
Viscosity(140℃) 28#,5rpm cps 20000 35000 100000
Density Enterprise Standard g/cm3 1.15 1.15 1.15
Open time ASTM D792 min 2 1 0.5
NOTE: The above values are shown as typical values and should not be used as specifications.


All the products are well inspected during the production and after production. Certificate of Analysis (COA) could be provided together with the products.

E Series Polyester-Based TPU2
E Series Polyester-Based TPU

Handling and Storage

1. Avoid breathing thermal processing fumes and vapors
2. Mechanical handling equipment can cause formation of dust. Avoid breathing dust.
3. Use proper grounding techniques when handling this product to avoid electrostatic charges
4. Pellets on the floor may be slippery and cause falls

Storage recommendations: To maintain product quality, store product in a cool, dry area. Keep in a tightly sealed container.

HSE Information: Please take MSDS for reference.

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