Mirathane® ATPU|

According to the structure of isocyanate, TPU can be divided into aromatic TPU and aliphatic TPU two categories, aromatic TPU because of the structure contains benzene ring, under ultraviolet irradiation will be easy to yellow, and aliphatic TPU from the structure to avoid the problem of yellowing.
Based on such non-yellowing and high weather resistance characteristics, aliphatic TPU is mainly used in paint protective film, automotive interior, optical products and other industries, of which paint protective film is commonly known as invisible car clothing, mainly used to protect automotive paint, with anti-scratch and self-repair properties. TPU automotive paint protective film has developed rapidly, in appearance, protective effect, durability and environmental protection, etc., it has more than waxing, glazing, coating,crystal plating and PVC paint protection film and other more obvious advantages, the service life can reach 5-10 years.
In response to the high standard requirements of TPU layer material weather resistance, precipitation resistance and processability in the automotive paint protective film market, Meirui New Material has developed polycaprolactone-based aliphatic TPU materials, which can meet the strict test requirements of weather resistance, precipitation resistance and low crystal point easy processing, and has been successfully applied in the paint protective film industry.


Post time: Aug-01-2023