We Participated in the 2024 International (Guangzhou) Coatings Industry Exhibition.

The 2024 International (Guangzhou) Coatings Industry Exhibition recently concluded successfully in Guangzhou. The exhibition brought together cutting-edge technologies and innovative achievements from domestic and international companies, covering an area of 15,000 square meters. It attracted over 450 high-quality exhibitors who participated in this industry event to explore the future of coatings development.

At this exhibition, Miracll Chemicals showcased special isocyanates and their derivatives (HDI and its derivatives, CHDI, PPDI) as well as specialty amines (CHDA, PPDA, PNA). HDI is primarily used in the polyurethane industry; HDI derivatives (HDI trimer and HDI biuret) can be widely used as curing agents in coatings (OEM, refinish coatings, industrial coatings, wood coatings, etc.); CHDI and PPDI are mainly used in the polyurethane industry, such as CPU, TPU, PUD, etc.; specialty amines are mainly used in epoxy curing agents, coatings, anti-aging agents, dyes, engineering plastics, and other industries.

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Post time: May-23-2024