The K SHOW ended perfectly丨The future of MIRACLL will be more exciting

On October 26, German time, the triennial German K2022 SHOW came to a successful end. In this 8-day exhibition, as a practitioner in the field of new materials, Miracll focuses on market demand and hot topics in the industry, shows its technological innovation and product advantages to global customers. Miracll bloomed its own strength, attracted extensive attention of customers from all over the world, added a wonderful stroke to K2022 SHOW.


Retrospective K SHOW site, there are still voices in the ears, and the flow of exhibitors is endless. In 8 days, there was poured into Miracll infinite love for the new material industry, Miracll always faced every customer with the most sincere attitude and professional service, seriously answered their questions, won the favor and recognition of many customers.


As the first overseas large-scale rubber and plastic exhibition after the epidemic, K2022 provides a precious gathering opportunity for the industry. Miracll booth welcomed many partners and customers, as we know, face-to-face communication is more conducive to the establishment of trust and the problem solving. Many industry insiders and leaders also visited Miracll booth for technical exchanges, expressed their high recognition and appreciation for Miracll mission of “ Create Vlue, Customer satisfaction, Self-realization “.


Over the years, Miracll has shouldered the responsibility and mission, focused on the research, development and production of new materials, provided global customers with green and environmentally friendly solutions in the field of new chemical materials, so that the product can be applied to more real life, to create a happy and healthy life for people. In the future, Miracll will unswervingly cultivate deep research in the field of new materials, continue to innovating, and lead the high-quality development of China’s new materials industry.


Miracll thanks to all of customers and friends for their support and trust. Look forward to meeting you again!077ac1c5 a01a597b ba0adc11

Post time: Nov-11-2022