Thank you all the way | excellent staff family reception day

In order to thank the excellent employees of 2022 for their hard work to the company and strengthen the two-way communication and exchange between the company and employees and their families, the company recently invited excellent employees and their families to share the honor and joy with the company.
At the beginning of the activity, we listened to the speeches of the company’s leader and the representatives of excellent employees. He felt the company’s sincere gratitude and full congratulations, and the company’s leader also listened carefully to the voice of the employees.
Subsequently, the most exciting award session was ushered in, and the company leader awarded trophies to each outstanding employee. At the same time, the company prepared a gift for each family, and children also harvested them own gifts.
In the afternoon, everyone got together to make a studio, and made small objects they liked in the family unit. The children had a wonderful day accompanied by their parents.
Miracll will take the establishment of “Employee reception Day” as an opportunity to sincerely, caring and attentively serve employees well, provide a more warm and comfortable working and living environment, and gather consensus and synergy for the company’s high-quality development.

Post time: Jul-10-2023