Mirathane® Polycarbonate-Based TPU

Polycarbonate diols are a kind of polyols with excellent comprehensive properties, and their molecular chains contain carbonate-based repeating units. In recent years, they are considered as the raw materials for a new generation of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers. Therefore, as a soft segment, it has excellent performance in all aspects of polycarbonized TPU synthesized with isocyanate and chain extender.

Compared with polyester TPU, it not only has high strength, high heat resistance and other characteristics, but also has excellent hydrolysis resistance. Compared with polyether TPU, it not only has excellent hydrolysis resistance, but also has higher strength, better heat resistance and better oxidation stability.

Due to its excellent performance, in recent years, polycarbonized TPU has been more and more widely used in industrial production, medical materials and other fields. Using its wear resistance, high strength, good heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, it can be used as underwater tires and other special materials. Using its hydrolysis resistance, high strength, oxidation resistance, etc., it can produce special chlorine resistant pipes and other industrial products. With its excellent oxidation resistance and stability in human body, it can be used as a new type of medical implant material.

With many years of research development and production experience, Miracll can stably produce 80A-95A hardness series of Polycarbonate TPU such as C80, C85, C90, C95.

In the future, we will develop more excellent new materials according to different purposes and environments.

Post time: Sep-25-2023