Mirathane® Solvent Adhesive TPU|Provide customized solutions for customers

Mirathane1Polyurethane adhesives generally refer to adhesives containing carbamate groups (-NHCOO-) or isocyanate groups (-NCO) as the main material. Polyurethane solvent-based adhesive refers to the use of solvent as a dispersion medium polyurethane adhesive, commonly used solvents are ketones, esters, alkanes, benzene, etc. Due to the presence of isocyanate group and carbamate group, it contains strong polarity and high chemical activity, and has excellent bonding characteristics with many materials, resulting in strong bonding strength. It has a wide range of applications in shoe material, textile, woodworking, printing, fire protection and other industries.

Miracll began to develop, research and produce polyurethane solvent-based adhesives since its establishment in 2009, after more than 10 years of development, the adhesives have developed into polyester type, polycaprolactone type, aliphatic series and other large and small nearly 20 grades of products. Product development and optimization for different industry and performance requirements, they can meet customer requirements for different bonding materials, peel strengths, solvent systems, opening hours and so on.


Application fields

Shoe Material Industry

as a binder for leather shoes and travel shoes, outsole, mesh and other parts for sports shoes

Woodworking Industry

as cold rubber coating bonding adhesive

Sporting Goods

as binders for leather materials, water kayaks, surfboards, wetsuits, etc.

Textile industry

meet the bonding of different textile materials

Fire Hose Industry

as an excellent combination material of ectoderm and inner pipe

Spraying Industry

the characteristics such as fast prototyping can be used to obtain ideal spray bonding results

Other Suitable Industries

achieve excellent adhesion properties as a single component or in combination with hardeners

Post time: Mar-02-2023