Mirathane® PUD| Low-carbon environmental protection supports a green shade for PUD


The trend of the development of synthetic adhesives in the world is highlighted by environmental protection and high performance, with the increasingly strict environmental protection regulations, developed countries vigorously develop water-based adhesives. Due to the superior comprehensive performance of waterborne polyurethane adhesives, it is unique in all kinds of waterborne adhesives, and has received extensive attention at home and abroad in recent years, especially the development and research of high-performance waterborne polyurethane adhesives have become a hot topic.
Waterborne polyurethane resin (PUD) is a uniform emulsion formed by dispersing polyurethane in water, which has the advantages of low VOC, low odor, non-combustible, excellent mechanical properties, convenient operation and processing. PUD can widely used in adhesives, synthetic leather, coatings, inks and other industries.
Waterborne polyurethane resin as an adhesive use, with easy activation, excellent heat resistance and other characteristics, can be used for a variety of substrate bonding, widely used in shoe glue, automotive interior glue, vacuum plastic, woodworking adhesive and other fields, U1115H, U1115, U1115L are typical three anionic waterborne polyurethane dispersions, of which U1115H is especially suitable for high initial heat resistance application scenarios, U1115L is especially suitable for scenarios with high viscosity requirements.
Waterborne polyurethane has a large range of physical properties after film formation, with good cold resistance, solvent resistance, film formation, tortuous resistance, dry and wet rub resistance, adhesion and other advantages, can be used as a coating of various substrates, widely used in leather finishing agent, fabric coating, synthetic leather and other fields.
In short, due to the many advantages of waterborne polyurethane adhesives, their use has become more and more extensive, and there are more and more varieties. According to the prediction of relevant experts, the demand for synthetic adhesives in China has a broad market, and waterborne polyurethane adhesives have conquered the market with their superior performance and environmental protection and energy saving, and their production and application scope is rapidly expanding and promoting. Of course, its shortcomings also need to be solved in more depth. China will focus on the development of waterborne polyurethane adhesives, and will introduce key equipment based on self-developed technology to develop "green" solvent-based, non-yellow-shaped, high-heat-resistant and high-performance PU adhesives; Develop reactive PU hot melt adhesive, high-performance PU structural adhesive and low-cost waterborne polymer polyisocyanate adhesive, so that the overall level of PU adhesive in China can reach the current advanced level in the world.

Post time: Apr-12-2023