Mirathane® Hotmelt Adhesive TPU|Green glue for healthy living

Hotmelt adhesive refers to a thermoplastic adhesive with polymer as the main body that is coated in a melted state and cured after cooling. TPU hotmelt adhesive is a kind of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, which has the outstanding characteristics of good adhesion performance, high strength, excellent elasticity, good wear resistance, etc. It has high formula selectivity, which can meet differentiated needs, especially suitable for bonding fabrics, leather, rubber and plastic materials, etc.

Compared with other common adhesives such as EVA hot melt adhesive and polyester hot melt adhesive, TPU hotmelt adhesive has a wide range of choices for various main properties such as hardness, melting point, curing speed, bonding temperature, etc., especially for clothing, shoe materials and other industries commonly used substrate adhesion performance is very excellent, we can bring customers higher quality products and differentiated demand solutions.

Mirathane®-H series is a green TPU hotmelt adhesive product series, including environmentally friendly TPU hotmelt adhesive, high resilience TPU hotmelt adhesive, bio-based TPU hotmelt adhesive, aliphatic TPU hotmelt adhesive and other categories.

MirathaneHotmelt Adhesivreen glue for healthy living

Post time: Mar-28-2023