Miracll Chemicals Shines at the American Coatings Show, Looking Forward to an Infinite Future!

The 2024 American Coatings Show (ACS) recently opened with grandeur in Indianapolis, USA. This exhibition is renowned as the largest, most authoritative, and historically significant event in the North American coatings industry, attracting industry elites from around the globe. Over 580 companies participated, covering an exhibition area of more than 12,000 square meters, creating a platform for businesses and industry experts to learn and exchange ideas. Miracll Chemicals made a spectacular appearance at the show with a variety of coating solutions.


During the exhibition, Miracll Chemicals showcased its main products: specialty isocyanates and their derivatives (HDI and its derivatives, CHDI, PPDI), specialty amines (CHDA, PPDA, PNA), and PUD. HDI is primarily used in the polyurethane industry, with its derivatives HDI trimer and biuret widely applied as curing agents in coatings (including OEM, refinish, industrial coatings, wood coatings, etc.). PPDI and CHDI are mainly used in the polyurethane industry, such as CPU, TPU, PUD, etc. Specialty amines are primarily used in epoxy curing agents, coatings, antioxidants, dyes, engineering plastics, and other industries. Miracll Chemicals's ongoing construction of HDI, CHDI, and PPDI facilities boasts the largest single-unit production capacities in the world, with CHDI achieving the first-ever industrial production globally. While providing high-quality raw materials to the industry, Miracll Chemicals also offers new solutions for downstream customers in the development of high-end PUD resins.


The exhibition attracted a large number of customers from the coatings, curing agents, and paint industries, who came to inquire and exchange ideas, laying a foundation for Miracll Chemicals to further expand the North American market. In the future, Miracll Chemicals will continue to pursue higher quality and higher performance product development and technological innovation, discussing new industry trends with global leaders, and embracing new opportunities and challenges.    

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Post time: May-15-2024