Company Team Building Trip to Yishui

Yishui County, under the jurisdiction of Linyi City in Shandong Province, is located in the south-central part of Shandong Province, at the southern foot of Yishan Mountain, and in the northern part of Linyi City.

Langya Ancient City is a place where every step reveals a scenic view, blending ancient and modern times. The ancient city's nights are illuminated with dazzling lights and vibrant colors. The graceful dances of the Langya national performance immerse visitors in history. Here, everyone experiences the vivid panorama of Linyi's 3,000-year-old culture and feels the depth of millennia-old heritage.

The underground Grand Canyon, with a constant temperature of 18°C throughout the year, is a mysterious and wonder-filled kingdom of karst caves. Riding on a rafting boat, one can feel the excitement and thrill of drifting along an underground river amidst the ups and downs. The Firefly Water Cave Scenic Area, with its spectacular firefly displays and variously shaped stalactites, captivates everyone, leaving them reluctant to leave.

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Post time: Jun-13-2024