Company Team Building Trip to Weihai

Weihai City is located at the eastern tip of the Shandong Peninsula, surrounded by the Yellow Sea on the north, east, and south. It faces the Liaodong Peninsula to the north and the Korean Peninsula across the sea to the east, and borders Yantai City to the west. With a coastline of 968 kilometers, it accounts for about one-eighteenth of the national total.

The unique charm of Weihai Huaxia City is formed by its grand classical architecture, an 1800-meter-long water adventure, and the live performance "Legend of Shenyu" in a running mine pit, making it well worth a visit.

Liugong Island is not just an island; it carries a significant historical legacy. Although the smoke of the Sino-Japanese War has dispersed, the bloodline of national heroes still flows, and the red gene integrated into the blood continues to thrive in the development of the times.



Post time: Jul-05-2024